Combining aesthetic sensibilities from her birthplace of Russia with an innate sense of Italian luxury from her upbringing in the Umbria region, Prululla founder Maria Tokmakova brings a unique perspective to womenswear. Drawing on her education at LCF and Goldsmiths, conceptual design in the spirit of constructivism is executed without sacrificing wearability, while motifs from late Soviet domestic textiles are elevated in elegant fibre choices.


Textiles are central to the brand, where sustainability is realised in the context of creating quality garments designed to last beyond a single season. Prululla is made exclusively in Italy where sourcing and manufacturing can be carefully controlled. Prululla believes firmly in the Italian garment industry and is committed to being a part of its future. The AW19 collection is centred around knits in a cashmere and merino wool blend, all sourced domestically. Prululla believes in establishing relationships with producers that extend beyond the traditional roles of designers and manufacturers.